AC&R Cold Power® is an engineered revolutionary advancement in air conditioning technology.  When introduced into an Air Conditioning, refrigeration or ice making system it reduces friction in the compressor reducing energy consumption and increasing equipment life.


AC&R Cold Power® has shown in test conducted by Arkansas State University HVAC Department, that it can reduce amp draw as much as 15 per cent, creating significant savings in the ac, and refrigeration portion of electricity cost for home or business while extending equipment service life.


AC&R Cold Power® is engineered to be compatible with all refrigerants(except amnonia) and all compressor oils.  It can be used to treat air conditioners, heat pumps, refrigeration equipment, including commercial refrigeration systems, and ice making equipment.  AC&R Cold Power® can be used in reciprocating, rotary, scroll and screw type compressors and centrifugal chillers.  AC&R Cold Power® has built in neutralizers to help prevent acidic damage to condensers.


AC&R Cold Power® is compatible with POE and Ester based oils in automotive ac systems and will reduce vent temperatures.   AC&R Cold Power® increases the efficiency in trailer reefer systems and when used in conjunction with our PF Diesel Treatment in reefers can reduce fuel consumption while extending reefer equipment service life and lowering maintenance cost.


There is no other product available today that can offer the advantages of AC&R Cold Power® in component efficiency, lower energy cost and extending equipment service life.